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Jan/July 2011

  JANUARY 2011


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+ Dwindling Yet Crucial: Withering Malaysian Agriculture Economics
Fatimah Mohamed Arshad

+ Competitiveness Analysis for Selected Meat and Meat Preparation Sub-Sector in Malaysia: The Case of Non-Ruminant Sector
Mohd Mansor Ismail, Raja Zarina Raja Mohamad, Norzalila Kasron

+ Koperasi Asas Tani (KAT)
Amin Mahir Abdullah, Mohd Mansor Ismail, Suryani Darham

+ Co-Management Plan for Kota Marudu, Sabah
Fatimah Mohamed Arshad, Kusairi Mohd Noh, Tai Shzee Yew, Suryani Darham, Illisriyani Ismail

+ Fisheries Law in Sabah: Towards Local Coastal Fishing Community Empowerment
Zahira Mohd Ishan

+ Review Four Fish: A Journey from the Ocean to Your Plate by Paul Greenberg, 2010, London, Allen Lane, 284 halaman
Kusairi Mohd Noh


  JULY 2011


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+ A Model and a Laboratory: Unlikely Pair
Fatimah Mohamed Arshad

+ Fisheries Co-Management: The Case of South-East Asia
Gazi Md. Nurul Islam, Nik Mustapha Raja Abdullah, K Kuperan Viswanathan

+ Have Plantation Cooperatives Created Value to Their Customers
Amin Mahir Abdullah, Nurjihan Idris, Seet Suk Teng

+ Millennium Development Goals: Where Does Malaysia Stand?
Md. Ferdous Alam

+ Ocean Gevernance in Malaysia
Illisriyani Ismail, Kusairi Mohd Noh, Ferdous Alam, Gazi Md Nurul Islam, Aswani Farhana Md Noh

+ Book Review: Dieat for Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can do about It oleh Anna Lappe.
Kusairi Mohd Noh







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