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Economics of Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources

Programme: Economics of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources

Programme Leader: Syamsul Herman Mohammad Afandi (PhD.)


Research in agricultural economics has primarily focused on seven main topics: agriculture, environment and resources; risk and uncertainty; consumption and food supply chains; prices and incomes; market structures; trade and development; and technical change and human capital. Research projects may relate to individual efficiency in production and individual and group efficiencies in marketing, international trade or to general welfare. Research in agricultural and resource economics today includes a variety of applied areas, including tools for policy analyses which have considerable overlap with conventional micro- and macro- economics.

List of Projects


  1. Perceived Policy Effectiveness and Compliance to Separation at Source Program in Melaka and Putrajaya, Malaysia (PUTRA)
  2. Valuation of Benefits for Giant Panda Conservation by Local Community in the Proximity of Zoo Negara Malaysia (PUTRA)
  3. The Intension of Orang Asli Community to Participate in Nature Resources Conservation for the Establishment orf Kenyir Geopark Corridor (KGC), Terengganu (PUTRA)
  4. Reviewing and Documenting the Functions of the No-Take Zone in Marine Parks Malaysia Pulau Redang and Pulau Tioman (DOMP)
  5. Palm Oil Thai Global Value Chain (Palmelit)


  1. Kajian Pemasaran Domestik Ikan Yu dan Pari di Perak dan Pahang, Malaysia (DOF)
  2. Economic Valuation of Endau Rompin National Park, Johor, Malaysia (PUTRA)
  3. Perception of Local Community on the Economic Benefits in the Implementation of the Kenyir Geopark Corridor, Terengganu (PUTRA)
  4. Constructing Dynamic Wildlife Memorable Tourism Experience (DWMTE) Model through Index Development for Sustainable Wildlife Tourism in Malaysia (FRGS)
  5. Factors Influencing Local Community's Participation in Ecotourism Development in the Kenyir Geopark Corridor, Terengganu (PUTRA)
  6. Trash to Cash (CWGS)
  7. Human Capital Development  in Kampung Telok Melano and Kampung Telok Serabang for Community Participation in Tourism (PELITA)
  8. Kajian Pelan Induk Pembangunan Ekonomi Negeri Terengganu 2015-2025 (Sektor Pelancongan Negeri Terengganu) (PKNT)


  1. Kajian Ikan Yu di Wilayah Segitiga Terumbu Karang (Coral Triangle) Sabah (DOF)
  2. Assessing the Roles and Impacts of Artificial Reefs and Marine Parks for the Management of Marine Resources in Peninsular Malaysia (MOSTI)
  3. Multiperspective Sosio-Economic Framework For Wildlife Based Tourism: Pandas in Zoo Negara (NRE)
  4. Willingness to Pay of Local Communities for The Conservation of Giant Panda in the Zoo Negara Malaysia (PUTRA)
  5. Economic Value of Natural Resources in Endau Rompin State Park, Johore (MyBrain)


  1. Kajian Impak Tukun Tiruan ke atas Sosioekonomi Nelayan Tradisional di Negeri Kedah (DOF Kedah)
  2. The Role of RSPO Process in Improving and Sustaining the Livelihood of Small Farmers in Malaysia (RSPO)
  3. Provision of Consultancy Services in Economic Assessment of Wilayah Perak (PKNP)
  4. Exploring the Feasible Scheme for Payment of Ecosystem Services (PES) in the Development of A Sustainable Marine Ecosystem in Semporna, Sabah (PUTRA)


  1. Assessing Technological, Institutional and Policy Options that Benefit Poor People (PUTRA-IPB)
  2. Emerging Countries in Transition to a Green Economy: Will It Make a Difference for Forests and People? (CIRAD)
  3. Evaluation of the Socio-economic and Environmental Impacts of Fisheries Subsidies in Malaysia (WWF)
  4. Factors Influencing the Adoption of Organic Acids as Feed Additive in the Malaysian Aquaculture Industry (FRGS)
  5. Modelling Fleet Structure Dynamics for Peninsular Malaysia Fisheries (FRGS)
  6. Low Carbon Roadmap of the Malaysian Economy: Carbon Intensity Deceleration in Major Sectors (PUTRA)
  7. Measuring Marine Fisheries Productivity and Management in the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia: Using System Dynamics Approach (RUGS)
  8. Policy Reforms and Institutional Innovations in Agriculture: Experiences, Impact and Lessons (SEARCA)
  9. Determining an Internalization Scheme for Payment of Environmental Services (PES) in The Sustainable Development of Marine ecosystem in Semporna Sabah (PUTRA)


  1. Economic Valuation of Marine Protected Areas: The Case of Perhentian Island Marine Park in Malaysia (RUGS)
  2. The Impact of Economic and Social Assets on Livelihood of Small Scale Fishers in Peninsular Malaysia (RUGS)
  3. The Value and Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas as a Management Tool for the Management of the Seas of Malaysia (ERGS)


  1. A Bio-economic Model Approach: Measuring the Exploitation of the Peninsular Malaysian, East Coast Pelagic Fishery (ERGS)
  2. Assessing the Socio-Economic Impacts of Artificial Reefs on Livelihoods of Fishers in the East Coast of Malaysia (EEPSEA)
  3. Tukun Tiruan ke atas Pendapatan Nelayan Tradisi di Negeri Terengganu (DOF)
  4. Market Potential Analysis for Tengas in Malaysia Selangor State Fisheries Office (DOF Selangor)
  5. Impact of Climate Change on Palm Oil Production in Malaysia (RUGS)
  6. Pelan Pengurusan dan Pemuliharaan Santuari Ikan Sungai Chilling, Selangor (DOF Selangor)
  7. Responsible Rural Tourism: Economic Responsibility Framework (LRGS)
  8. The Effect of Government Incentives on Small Fisherman Income (RUGS)
  9. Sosio economic Impact of Sustainable Energy Production Towards Low Carbon Economy (LRGS)


  1. Measuring Efficiency of Fish Seed Production in Peninsular Malaysia (RUGS)
  2. Productivity and Environmental Sustainability of Shrimp Farming in Malaysia (RUGS)
  3. The Effects of Physical and Regional Constraint on Productivity an Income Inequality Among pepper Planters (RUGS)


  1. Measuring Economic Impacts of Marine Protected Areas in Malaysia (RUGS)
  2. Measuring and Assessing Capacity in Malaysia Fisheries (RUGS)
  3. Economic Analysis of Aquaculture Technologies in Peninsular Malaysia (RUGS)
  4. A Sosio-economic Study on Pepper Industry (MPB)


  1. Co-Management Arrangement for Kota Marudu, Sabah (MOSTI)
  2. Analisis Ekonomi Unjam (LKIM)
  3. Economic Implications of Palm Oil Based Biofuel to Malaysia (ICONE)
  4. Penstrukturan Skim Subsidi Diesel & Petrol Serta Bantuan Kepada Nelayan Malaysia (LKIM)


  1. Environmental and Conservation Values of Alternatives Water Resources Management in Malaysia: A Choice Modelling Approach (RUGS)
  2. The Social Costs and Benefits of Peatland Cultivation Towards Sustainable Agriculture Development (Sciencefund, MOSTI)
  3. An Exploration of the Satisfaction Model: Relationship between Recreation Density and User Satisfaction (FRGS)
  4. Valuing Ecotourism Development in Marine Parks, Malaysia: A Choice Modeling Approach (Skim Pensyarah Lantikan Baru)


  1. Economic Valuation of Coastal Environmental Goods and Services (UNEP/GEF)


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